Jerry Root: The Neglected C.S. Lewis

Episode 7 January 29, 2021 00:41:54
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Jerry Root: The Neglected C.S. Lewis

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Even the most devoted C.S. Lewis fans may not know of or have never read some of his most important works, such as The Discarded Image and An Experiment in Criticism. Jerry Root and Mark Neal sought to correct this problem with their helpful book The Neglected C.S. Lewis. In this podcast they introduce us to their book and many of Lewis’s books you’ll want to read after hearing about them.


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The Neglected C.S. Lewis: Exploring the Riches of His Most Overlooked Books by Mark NealJerry Root

Many Christians know Lewis as a children's writer or apologist---but he was also a literary historian and scholar. Neal and Root trace signature ideas in some of these critical works, including The Allegory of Love and The Discarded Image, and point out how they also appear in his more familiar books.

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