Greg Ganssle: Our Deepest Desires

Episode 6 January 15, 2021 00:44:14
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Greg Ganssle: Our Deepest Desires

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Our Deepest Desires: How the Christian Story Fulfills Human Aspirations

By: Gregory E. Ganssle


As human beings, we are created with desires. We all long for meaningful relationships, lives that reflect goodness, engagements with beauty, and the freedom to pursue our lives with integrity. But where can our restless hearts find fulfillment for these universal longings? Philosopher and apologist Greg Ganssle argues that the Christian story grounds and explains the things that we care about most. With grace and insight, Ganssle explains how the good news of Jesus Christ makes sense of—and fulfills—our deepest desires. Instead of arguing philosophically or deductively, he unpacks the key features of our deep concerns and shows how the elements of the Christian story align best with those features. Arguing that it is only in the particular claims of the Christian faith, not the atheistic story, that our universal human aspirations can find fulfillment and our restless hearts will be at peace.

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