Paul Gould: Cultural Apologetics

Episode 8 February 12, 2021 00:38:45
Questions That Matter with Randy Newman
Paul Gould: Cultural Apologetics

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Christians are called to be ready to make a defense of the faith. But as cultures change, the questions and approaches to that task shift. Philosopher Paul Gould helps us navigate these tricky waters through insights from his book Cultural Apologetics.

Many—including many Christians—no longer perceive the world in its proper light. As a result, the Christian imagination is muted. Moreover, the church has grown anti-intellectual and sensate, out of touch with the relevancy of Jesus and how to relate the gospel to all aspects of contemporary life. As a result, the Christian voice is muted. In this age Christian wholeness remains elusive, blunting the church's ability to present a winsome and compelling witness for faith. As a result, the Christian conscience is muted.

Cultural Apologetics addresses this malaise by setting forth a fresh model for cultural engagement, rooted in the biblical account of Paul's speech on Mars Hill, which details practical steps for reestablishing the Christian voice, conscience, and imagination. Readers will be equipped to see, and help others see, the world as it is—deeply beautiful, mysterious, and sacred.

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