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Join us every two weeks for a fascinating conversation with one of today’s Christian faith leaders. Randy will talk to guests about a wide range of discipleship topics - from evangelism, to growing in faith, to talking about their recent book. Learn more at the

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Randy Newman: Witnessing to Family Members

    With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, we may feel some pressure to make the most of this opportunity and “give our family the gospel.” We’ll explore why this may be difficult but not impossible on this special episode of Questions that Matter with Randy Newman. Recommended Reading: Bringing the Gospel Home by ...


  2. Max McLean: The Power of Story and the Most Reluctant Convert

    Stories, whether told in literature or on stage or through film are powerful. Stories about someone’s conversion are especially moving. Max McLean, the star of the new movie “The Most Reluctant Convert” and I discuss his movie as well as the power of story. Explore more from the ...


  3. Callom Harkrader: The Power of Drama

    God’s people have always sought creative ways to convey the gospel. Callom Harkrader’s experiences with dramatic presentations of the Gospel of Mark have been used by God in delightful ways. He shares about this unique ministry and how drama and theater can “sneak past watchful dragons.”  Learn more about ...


  4. Simon Edwards: Why Faith Makes Sense

    In our world today, many people never give the Christian faith a moment’s consideration because they assume it makes no sense and doesn’t fit the realities of life. Simon Edwards would point people in the exact opposite direction - that faith makes sense and makes the most sense of our ...


  5. Sam Allberry: Sexuality and Gender

    Questions around sexuality and gender are always before us in our highly sexualized world. Author and pastor Sam Allberry helps us think deeply and clearly and communicate compassionately about these difficult topics.  Note: This episode may not be appropriate for children, due to the frank discussion about sexuality.  Show Notes:  Learn more about ...