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February 12, 2021 00:38:45

Paul Gould: Cultural Apologetics

Christians are called to be ready to make a defense of the faith. But as cultures change, the questions and approaches to that task shift. Philosopher Paul Gould helps us navigate these tricky waters through insights from his book Cultural Apologetics. Many—including many Christians—no longer perceive the world in its proper light. As a result, the Christian imagination is muted. Moreover, the church has grown anti-intellectual and sensate, out of touch with the relevancy of Jesus and how to relate the gospel to all aspects of contemporary life. As a result, the Christian voice is muted. In this age Christian wholeness remains elusive, blunting the church's ability to present a winsome and compelling witness for faith. As a result, the Christian conscience is muted. Cultural Apologetics addresses this malaise by setting forth a fresh model for cultural engagement, rooted in the biblical account of Paul's speech on Mars Hill, which details practical steps for reestablishing the Christian voice, conscience, and imagination. Readers will be equipped to see, and help others see, the world as it is—deeply beautiful, mysterious, and sacred. ...



January 29, 2021 00:41:54

Jerry Root: The Neglected C.S. Lewis

Even the most devoted C.S. Lewis fans may not know of or have never read some of his most important works, such as The Discarded Image and An Experiment in Criticism. Jerry Root and Mark Neal sought to correct this problem with their helpful book The Neglected C.S. Lewis. In this podcast they introduce us to their book and many of Lewis’s books you’ll want to read after hearing about them.   Show Notes: The Neglected C.S. Lewis: Exploring the Riches of His Most Overlooked Books by Mark Neal, Jerry Root Many Christians know Lewis as a children's writer or apologist---but he was also a literary historian and scholar. Neal and Root trace signature ideas in some of these critical works, including The Allegory of Love and The Discarded Image, and point out how they also appear in his more familiar books. ...



January 15, 2021 00:44:14

Greg Ganssle: Our Deepest Desires

Our Deepest Desires: How the Christian Story Fulfills Human Aspirations( By: Gregory E. Ganssle   As human beings, we are created with desires. We all long for meaningful relationships, lives that reflect goodness, engagements with beauty, and the freedom to pursue our lives with integrity. But where can our restless hearts find fulfillment for these universal longings? Philosopher and apologist Greg Ganssle argues that the Christian story grounds and explains the things that we care about most. With grace and insight, Ganssle explains how the good news of Jesus Christ makes sense of—and fulfills—our deepest desires. Instead of arguing philosophically or deductively, he unpacks the key features of our deep concerns and shows how the elements of the Christian story align best with those features. Arguing that it is only in the particular claims of the Christian faith, not the atheistic story, that our universal human aspirations can find fulfillment and our restless hearts will be at peace. ...



January 01, 2021 00:36:50

Joe Loconte: Lewis and Tolkien

Description - Historian Joe Loconte digs into the lives of C. S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, their friendship, and how their experiences in World War I shaped them for their entire lives. Joe’s book A Hobbit, A Wardrobe, and a Great War and his forthcoming documentary based on the book sparked our conversations on this episode of “Questions That Matter.”  Show Notes: A Hobbit, a Wardrobe, and a Great War By: Joseph Loconte Had there been no Great War, there would have been no Hobbit, no Lord of the Rings, no Narnia, and perhaps no conversion to Christianity by C. S. Lewis. The First World War laid waste to a continent and brought about the end of innocence—and the end of faith. Unlike a generation of young writers who lost faith in the God of the Bible, however, J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis found that the Great War deepened their spiritual quest. Both men served as soldiers on the Western Front, survived the trenches, and used the experience of that conflict to ignite their Christian imagination. Tolkien and Lewis produced epic stories infused with the themes of guilt and grace, sorrow and consolation. Giving an unabashedly Christian vision of hope in a world tortured by doubt and disillusionment, the two writers created works that changed the course of literature and shaped the faith of millions. This is the first book to explore their work in light of the spiritual crisis sparked by the conflict. ...



December 18, 2020 00:39:28

Dane Ortlund: The Heart of Christ

Dane Ortlund has written a great book, Gentle and Lowly, that helps us live in constant awareness of Christ’s affections and love for his people. It’s one thing to know what Christ accomplished on the cross. But do you know how he feels about you now? Dane and I explore this topic for our ongoing spiritual growth in this conversation.   Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers By: Dane Ortlund Christians know what Jesus Christ has done—but who is he? What is his deepest heart for his people, weary and faltering on their journey toward heaven? Jesus said he is “gentle and lowly in heart.” In Gentle and Lowly, Dane Ortlund reflects on these words, opening up a neglected yet central truth about who Jesus is for sinners and sufferers today. ...



December 10, 2020 00:38:59

Jana Harmon: Atheists Can Come to Faith!

Many of us feel intimidated by talking to atheists. We assume they’re highly intellectual with many thought-out arguments against God. Not so, says Jana Harmon who interviewed over 50 former Atheists who now believe in Jesus. The lessons she learned can encourage even the most timid of Christians to reach out and watch God work. Show Notes:Subscribe to the Side B Podcast: ...